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ESLA provides career building services and language assistance to clients at every level. We offer a mobile teaching service where our instructors will work with you to find a convenient location. We focus on real world results where clients take what they learn from our lessons and get the results that they are looking for.

Communicate Clearly

Communicate effectively in conversational English, business English, or writing. Become great at one or a master of all.

Customizable Lesson Plans

Learn at your own speed and needs. We make sure you learn the material well.

Friendly Staff

Our teaching staff is friendly and attentive. At ESLA, you are part of a family who cares for you.

Our Process


Getting to know you is the most important step. By clearly defining your goals, our Vancouver School Board teacher with a specialization in ESL assists in constructing a lesson plan to fit your needs.


Your journey begins here. Your assigned instructor will help you reach and master your goals through one-to-one lessons, field trips, and even mock-interview preparation so you can secure that job in Canada.


Something not going well? Tell us! After every lesson, we spend time with you to make sure you are satisfied.

about us

We are qualified instructors based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Educated at the University of British Columbia, we believe in academic excellence. We understand what it takes to succeed and we bring a unique approach to teaching English because English is not only spoken by just English majors. Our focus is to give you the tools to succeed and build a meaningful career.

Voted as one of the best places to live in the world, Vancouver B.C. is the world's melting pot. It arguably the best place to learn about new cultures and languages because it is a city of acceptance and diversity. Why not have fun, while learning from the best?

Our mission is to empower you to have the opportunities and experiences that leads to infinite possibilities.

Opportunities come once in a lifetime. Other instructors focus too much on grammar and pronunciation. While we believe these are very important too, we believe in a true native English speaker approach to learning English. We want you to build relationships that get you ahead in life by knowing how to navigate different social settings. Knowing what to do will open doors for you to succeed.
Not only do we bring a unique approach to improving your English, but we also have experience in teaching others from many different countries like Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand.


Whether you want to improve your English, start a career, or even both. We have a package for you.

Language Building
  • conversational writing
  • academic writing
  • conversational speaking
  • pronunciation
  • comprehension
Career Building
  • resume/cover letter editing
  • resume/cover letter formatting
  • resume/cover letter creation
  • tailored job applications
  • mock interviews
Complete Package
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  • Special Discounted Price
  • Langugage Building Option
  • Career Building Option
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Your future is created by what you do today. Not tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Realize your dreams and take a step in the right direction with ESLA. We're friendly and approachable, so sign up for your free trial lesson today by filling out the form below.

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